What Are Crypto Companions?

Crypto Companions are a hand-designed, fixed-cap ERC-721 NFT that lives on the Avalanche C-Chain. Companions come in a diverse range of species and types. According to lore, they were transformed into totems by an evil wizard. Companions must fight to break the spell and return to their original forms.

How are Battle Totems Summoned?

Battle totems are summoned by stacking three companions and performing a ritual. Contruct your totems carefully to maximize its power and stability!

How do Battles Work?

Battles are live, turn-based, and consist of three rounds. Battles are highly strategic, because each Companion has unique strengths and weaknesses. One can bring a squad of up to six companions into battle.

Why are there so many OG Tier Companions?

Collectively, there are more OGs than other tiers, however each species of OG is rarer than nearly any given species of Rare, Legendary, and Common. There are many OGs, because as a community-driven project, we allowed users to contribute ideas to shape the collection: their suggestions were reified as OGs.

What Makes Crypto Companions Special?

Crypto Companions have species numbering in the hundreds. Each individual Companion will be able to earn experience, level up, and combine with others to create powerful totems. Companion PVP battles will be made fair by ChainLink verifiable random functions (VRFs), which are coming to Avalanche soon!

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